Birth of the Unknown

Tomorrow I travel to Binghamton, NY, to install a new body of work for an exhibition “element – progress,” a group exhibition at spool mfg., curated by john ros.

Below is my artist statement

Birth of the Unknown

This body of work began in 2008 when I was an artist in residence at Ross Creek Center for the Arts in Nova Scotia, Canada. I had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and was looking for ways to express my inability to process the possibility of death. I befriended a poultry farmer near the residency and collected his unsellable eggs. They were “unsellable” according to agricultural regulations because they were either dirty or irregularly shaped. Some eggs had two yolks or had fecal matter or blood on their shells. I washed these eggs and hollowed them out, and during the process, I thought about caring for that which is unacceptable to nature and culture. I connected to these eggs as an artistic material that would act as a metaphor for my vulnerable psychological and physical experience. My long-term goal is to hollow 13,000 unsellable chicken eggs and create a dwelling wherein one may contemplate life’s impermanence and heal from traumatic experiences. In the meantime, the eggs have infiltrated other, more discrete pieces, such as Birth of the Unknown. Its hollowed chicken eggs submerge in and emerge from cast plaster. The poetic suggestion of sexual organs and awkward growths is frozen in a place of awakenings and death, of the familiar yet unknown.

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