How To Find Out if I Die on the Pacific Crest Trail

My co-workers at The Jewish Museum expressed concern when I told them I was going hiking for 4 weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail with Christy Georg, without a knife. See, Christy is an ultra-light hiker and she told me not to bring a knife since she will be carrying one, and see I am just a human looking for a way out of my internal woods and hiking with Christy sounds like a good idea. However, my co-workers think that this may be a scheme of hers to lure food along with her, without her having to carry it, and when desperate and hungry (or possibly just mad) she will try to kill me. I won’t be able to defend myself since I won’t have a knife. I assured them that I could take her down, and will smuggle a plastic knife in my pack, just in case. However, I do feel slightly vulnerable not carrying some slick retractable 2lb shiny blade, and so I am alerting you all as well. If the plastic knife does not assuage your fears in my ability to defend myself, you may follow our travels via Christy on her blog:
If you detect something fishy while reading her blog, you may want to come a lookin for me. Rest assured, though, her knife is only 1″ long and I am bigger than her (although she does have a couple of canon tattoos and with all this ultralight tech stuff maybe they actually work)
hmm, all the same, I have now decided to blog about my adventures.

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1 Response to How To Find Out if I Die on the Pacific Crest Trail

  1. Diane June says:

    Please bring a Swiss Army knife and hide it in your hair, she will never know. What if you two get separated and you suddenly need a knife? I can respect ultra light hiking but tend to agree with your friends at the Jewish Museum.

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