Tibial Sesamoid Fracture

I went to a podiatrist in March, confirming I ran 9 NYC marathon qualifying races in the fall, all with a broken sesamoid.

The doctor gave conservative treatment…anti-inflammatories and ice. He said that with orthotics I should be able to continue running. It seems if I am getting this right, this is a non-union fracture, meaning the bones will never fuse together again. The only other treatment is surgery to remove the bone. I don’t think the doctor is interested in me wearing a boot because it has been six months since the injury, so I think it is too late to immobilize the foot. Can the fractured pieces heal separate from one another (oh how this could be a metaphor for so many other things in my life)? Does that even make sense? Broken bones healing broken? I got casted for the orthotics. The interns told me I had high arches. This is one time I wish they weren’t so high. I am waiting until I get the orthotics to run again. I’m dying to run. The area hurts a little as I write, after carrying a large load of groceries in my napsack. I have this little u shaped insert I place near the pain to relieve pressure around the fracture. This helps. I forgot to wear it today though. I do hope the orthotics work and that the hike will be relatively pain free. I still want to train and run for the marathon.

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2 Responses to Tibial Sesamoid Fracture

  1. mark says:

    did you end up having the surgery to remove the broken bones?
    i have just been diagnosed with the same.
    i am a surfer and the pain is too much and I can’t use an orthotic in the water.

    nervous about the removal

    • annievarnot says:

      Hey Mark…oh, what a pain! I haven’t had surgery…I DID get orthotics and am currently training for the NYC marathon with them. I’m up to mile 18 and with yoga and adequate rest I haven’t had any tremendous set backs in time (actually my time has decreased and I’ve lost a bit of weight, which helps) and the pain has decreased significantly since the break. I do feel heat swelling in my foot at times but tend to get through it. This being said, I did take about two months off from running in the winter. I think you probably need to rest your foot for awhile…also, make sure you consider ALL of your options before surgery (boot-immobilization, etc.) Are you a professional surfer? Good luck. Keep in touch!

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