Day 3 PCT April 17, 2011

April 17. Lake Marina to Cibbets. Favorite day thus far. Frodo dropped off her daughter’s Rei 20 degree bag to me at the campsite. We got a late start hiking, around 8:40. Met some locals on the trail who gave us insider information on a great swimming spot along kitchen creek. At 4 PM we reached the swimming spot. Ate lunch. Helicoptors. On the way back to the pct trail I bumped into a six foot black diamond rattlesnake in the tall grass near a little creek. I screamed and ran away. Eddie traded me a mini led light which now hangs from my loki hat, and is referred to as the disco ball. I gave him an extra spork we were accidentally carrying. Cibbets is such a lovely campground in a valley surrounded by mountains. Dave, a hiker interested in thru hiking, with his stocked truck, hooked us up with more Gatorade, coffee, and homemade cookies. Perfect weather. Calf muscles and neck sore but all else in good working order. Beautiful moon.






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