PCT Day 2

April 16. Mile 13 – 21/Laguna Lake. Morning sitting on some grass high up overlooking mountains and a valley. Coffee! Met Kay and Patty, our first thru hiker bond. Slept really poorly due to cold. Come to find out I had my thermarest turned the wrong way. Hopefully by flipping it tonight I’ll be warmer. I may need to buy a better sleeping bag too, as my mother’s lightweight 20 degree bag from 1996 is no longer functioning as it should. It was rough. Already wishing I brought my own light source too. My dreams at night are vivid and it is good to have hiking time to contemplate their meaning. Hiked with Christy (wandering dot) until mile 18 and then solo hiked for the last three. Ended up staying at Lake Morena to resolve sleeping bag situation. Met other thru hikers, Eddy, Sean, Martin, and Bob. Nice exchange. Called trail angels Scout and Frodo, who kindly offered up one of their sleeping bags and will deliver it to me at the campsite at 7:30 am after dropping off hikers at the boarder. Weather chilly at night, warm during day. All ok.






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