PCT May 2, 2011

Last night i hung out with Bob, Echo, and Outpost. They are heading up fuller’s crossing. Watched obama speech. Got notes from them regarding the next couple of days hiking terrain. We want to go easy for dot to test out her back, and we are heading southbound so that a lot more of the hiking will be downhill. Dot’s back is -knock on wood – feeling better. Hitting snow at saddle junction which continues until mile 176. I am bringing micro-spikes but i don’t think they’ll be necessary. We should be hitting the snow before 1pm and a lot of hikers have passed through already, so it will be easy to follow their prints.

Really trying to kick this cold. Had a super green smoothy and i am taking immune booster pills, plus i drank 3 emergenc-c s today. Packed sack for the next two days. Got messages from Pierre (aka jack rabbit). They are at mile 210. Fire going in our cabin. Tired. Buckwheat ready to be eaten for breakfast. Need to make some tyvek repairs to our ground cloth. Today I went to nomad outdoor store and tried on some western mountaineering down jackets and zero degree bags. If I were doing the entire Pct I would invest in these. Hung out with special k. Ate the foods that weigh too much to carry and drank tons of liquids. Asked a nutritionist why my face is so puffy in the morning…maybe a problem with lymphnoids? Allergies? Good night.

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