PCT Day 7, April 21, 2011

Day seven. Scissors Crossing to mile 95. 17 total miles. Snack: some stupid sesame thing that was like peanut brittle that I grabbed from the hikers’ box. Stupid because it felt like I was eating air and I really needed more. lunch at 12: two tortillas with peanut butter. The early morning hike ascending the switchbacks in the anza borrego desert was filled with beautiful cacti in bloom and humming birds. It surpassed the beauty of all the botanical gardens in the world. The cacti had such funky and simple forms which picked up my mood and inspired future watercolor paintings. We are increasing our mileage. Saw three other hikers. I am dirty and smelly (for reals). Ate a Cliff bar at gate three and stocked up on water from the bountiful cache. Encountered horny toads about the size of my fist. Ate dinner (couscous, tuna pack, babe ruth, and then more chocolate. Could have eaten more) and pitched tent at mile 95. Highlights: W.D. taught me “heave away, hull away,” a sailors’ song. Saw a tarantula hawk spider. Coffee. Ocotillo cacti in bloom!




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  1. Keep up the good work on this blog!

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