PCT Day 8, April 22, 2011

Day 8 mile 95-ish-105ish. Woke up by Halfmile and Deb, well known in the hiking community, at our tent asking if I was in there. I was, but I was finally sleeping and without my coffee I was not as capable of conversation as i desired. Last night I suffered from unpleasant dreams and relentless winds banging on the tent all night. I took a muscle relaxer around 4 AM because I couldn’t sleep for the life of me.

We got to San Ysidro Creek at 1 PM. Washed legs and pits. Hung out sleeping bag. Ate some peanuts. Met Splash, Sue, Don and two girls. Decided to camp there so we could get to warner springs early the following day. Ate dinner of couscous and hot chocolate. More hikers arrived. three guys, Holly and Mark.

Today i hiked through an absolutely astonishing meadow with dandelions right before San Ysidro Creek. I had a moment of letting go and cried while sitting at the top of the meadow and eating a tortilla with peanut butter. highlights: all the special little flowers. The creek at 105. The ladies on horses: Bonnie, Danny and Annie.

I am grateful for wondering dot. I must remember to not take her for granted. It is hard trekking and we are tired and dirty and share her tent at night. If you are reading this, W.D, thank you for sharing this adventure, your gear knowledge, your money, and your supplies. Thank you for putting up with me when I smell foul, either mentally or physically, and especially when both.






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