PCT Day 11, April 25, 2011

Day 11 Long Creek mile 120-mile 137 Tulle Creek Spring. Chilly morning. I am having a hard time getting warm at night. Wandering Dot’s back is really bad. I’m having nightmares about a personal situation. Hiking today my bad foot felt numb and then sore near my toes. Seems like our zeroing day at Warner Springs somehow has made our bodies retaliate from hiking. Stopped at trail angel Mike Herrara’s for water. No one was around. I wasn’t carrying the aqua mira or the filter and needed water desperately, but all the water sources needed filtering. The note on the door to the house said take shoes off before entering and no toilet. I took off my shoes and headed to the kitchen sink. There was a man snoring in an oversized football helmet chair four feet from the tv blaring to an in-between station. I quietly exited, but that moment left a large impression of this trail angel’s trust and eccentricity. I swung in the hammock and pondered how amazing trail angels are and how grateful I am for their existence. Now in tent at Tulle Creek Spring. Beautiful camping spot with lots of water and exquisite starry sky. Animal howls. Dot suffering from severe back pain. Ate Mac and cheese from hiker’s box. Late getting into the tent. Stakes not staying in the ground and I had to wrap string around rocks to keep it tied down. Btw, do you know I am starting to hate red ants? And I suck at pitching Dot’s squall two person tent by myself?



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