April 28-May 2. Zeroing and PCT Kickoff Party at Lake Morena

Been zeroing at the Idyllwild Inn. Feeling tired. 1 small blister underneath heal callus. I was going to keep it a secret as I purported to Dot on day 1 that I wouldn’t get any on the trail.  On the weekend we got a hitch from Gadget to the PCT kickoff party at Lake Morena. A lot of 2011 pct hikers knew of dot because of her blog. Really enjoyed Mountain Ned’s talk on glisading and moutaineering tactics in snow. Ran into Patty and Kaye. I like those gals! Saw Meander Moose again. Watched great pct documentary, the wizards of the pct. Wished I was hiking the whole dang 2650 something miles. While watching film I got really cold and couldn’t warm up after that night. Going to start hiking again May 3rd starting at Devil’s Slide (2 1/2 non pct miles) up to Saddle Junction (mile 179 1/2) and southbounding to highway 74 (mile 152). Expecting to encounter snow. I’m sick. Wandering Dot’s back is feeling better. Prayers and fingers crossed that it keeps on feeling better. We want to be hiking instead of idling in Idyllwild. Don’t get me wrong. Idyllwild is a really groovy town with great health food stores and yoga! I’m just antsy to get hiking again. It’s weird being on the trail for awhile. You get to an Inn and you continue eating hikers’ food and sleeping on the floor, as if you have forgotten how to cook and use a bed.

Below, pic of Patty’s awesome tattoos:


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1 Response to April 28-May 2. Zeroing and PCT Kickoff Party at Lake Morena

  1. Jester says:

    Thanks for mentioning Wizards of the PCT! Glad you liked it!

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