Day 19, PCT May 3rd, 2011

May 3rd. Roughly 12 total miles. Woke up in our cozy cabin at the Idyllwild Inn. Ate nasty roasted buckwheat that I hadn’t tried before and had shipped from NYC and continued to “bounce” in my bounce box for two resupply towns. It was the only food in my bounce box that I kept on avoiding. I finally succumbed to eating some of it and put the remainder in the hikers’ box (word out on the hiker trail, regular buckwheat is much tastier than roasted). Trail angel, Special K, picked us up and dropped us off at Devil’s Slide around 10:30 am. Wandering Dot and I headed southbound at Saddle Junction to Fobes Saddle to see if Dot’s subsiding back pain would act up. It was fun to sobo as we crossed paths with a lot of pct thru hikers going north whom we otherwise would have missed. Amongst them were Bob, Meander Moose, Krazy K, Boo-Boo, Tequila Jack, Cup of Joe, Patty, and Kaye. Probably the most scenic day hiking thus far. The highest elevation was somewhere near 8500 feet where we transversed beautiful snow. Some of the day reminded me of scenes from Lord of the Rings with mossy giant pine trees, huge boulders, and majestic views. Despite a nasty head cold (the best way to describe it was menses of the head) I tried to remain upbeat while singing Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, and Jane’s Addiction. Dot and I learned the lyrics to “Jolleen” by Dolly Parton and sang several rounds. Once we got to Fobes we finally gave cowboy camping a try. I am now totally hooked as it is precious to see the stars. Mosquitoes aren’t bad with ear plugs and all other fears of the night critters can be avoided by not turning on the flashlight!




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