Day 20, PCT May 4th, 2011

May 4, Fobes Saddle (166.5) to Paradise Cafe (151.5). Total miles: 15

Woke up late at Fobes. Dot had already left camp to fetch water. Rough night sleeping. Sick. Can’t breath through my nose. Took 2 benydril, 2 tylonol pm, and 2 advil between the hours of 9pm and 4 am. Still felt horrible upon waking. Took some claratin, ate oatmeal and drank starbucks instant via coffee once Dot returned with water. Ran into a bunch of thru hikers including Crazy K and Gnarly. Hiked 15 or more quiet miles breathing through my mouth. Sounds of fluttering birds’ wings and buzzing bees permeated the wooded areas. Took the Tunnel Spring Trail to get water. Urgh. Very steep descent in horribly hot desert sun. Ran into Cup of Joe and a couple of other lads down there. Of course, terribly steep ascent to get back to trail, but what are you going to do? One needs water on the trail! Crossed paths with Patty and Kaye around mile 156. Met Rock Dancer and Gray Ghost – mile munchers – at highway 74. Sang “On the Road Again,” with Dot while hiking on the highway. Girl at Paradise swirled by and gave us a ride to the Cafe. Swwweeet! Special K picked us up at the Paradise Cafe around 7:30pm. The owner of Paradise, Neil, remembered me from our last visit. Ate turkey club and fries. Drove to Special K’s where we slept in her out of this world black lit lunar loft. Thanks a million Special K!

Songs that are reoccurring on the trail:
On the road again
Smoke on the water

Gear and things I appreciate on the trail:
Tortilla lathered with peanut butter, dusted with a handful of trail mix, plus a 1/2 of a banana, and then the tortilla is folded in half and pressed to smoosh out the banana. Two-four daily!






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