Day 21, Pct May 5th, 2011

Rattlesnake up near Fuller Ridge

Timber Rattlesnake near mile 183.5

Devil’s Slide (once again!) – Saddle Junction (179.5)- Wellman Divide (oops) – Strawberry Junction – A Sandy patch up high called WR 184.6 (184.6) – Marion Trail (oops)- Sandy Patch on Trail (WR 184.6)

Total miles hiking: probably 14. Total PCT miles: 5! All I can say is it’s better you don’t follow my tracks on this day!

Umm, nice weather during day and incredible hike despite getting lost! Started out great! Was wonderful to wake in the Lunar Loft at Special K’s house in Idyllwild. Met JJ and SugarMoma, who were both living at Special K’s house. Woke up early and nursed my sick wounds by taking a bath, some claratin, and drinking coffee. Our plan was to get past Fuller Ridge. Got dropped off in Idyllwild by SK. Prepared food and dropped off stuff in the hikers’ box at Idyllwild Inn. Then, SK’s mom, Betty, picked us up and dropped us off at Devil’s Slide around 10am. Wandering Dot and I are now in the habit of hiking solo and checking in with each other here and there. I got too excited when I hit the snow and forgot to check the map. Headed towards Wellman Divide instead of Strawberry Jct. Easy to get lost following footprints in snow. Got to WR184.6 and ended up going down the Marion Trail for a good two miles or more, which was a great descent, but a nasty ascent back to the trail. Felt like total idiots taking that trail, but I followed the stick arrows and they led us that way – SO – LESSON LEARNED – Don’t assume the STICK ARROWS pointing in a direction are exactly correct! I cowboy camped and Dot pitched her tent at WR184.5, at an elevation of 9000, with snow near our camp. Heard wild animals at 4am.

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