Day 22, Pct May 6th, 2011

Rattlesnake around mile 200

Miles 184.6-202/3 Total miles: 19 ish

Great hike today. Covered a lot of terrain and elevation. Had a fun time going over the snow at Fuller Ridge. I felt really confident on it, as the snow was hard enough to avoid post holing and there were very clear prints to follow. We took lunch at Fuller Ridge Camp Ground, loading up on water at the seasonal creek to the left of the trail, right as you enter the campground. Attempted the first hydration of a Lipton Knorr Sides by leaving it in my pack to “cook” rather than heating water. It “cooked” perfectly in my pack having left it there for two hours. It was delicious.

We were expecting the trail to get hot and nasty after leaving mile 191, so to our delight, there was a nice breeze and we enjoyed the descent into the San Jacinto National Forest. On Halfmile’s pct map, he writes of this part, “as the crow flies, it’s 4.3 miles from the Fuller Ridge Trail Head to the Snow Canyon Road Faucet. On the PCT it’s 15.2 miles. The trail descends 6,040 feet.” Ummm, the switchbacks can get a little annoying, but who can complain while surrounded by rattlesnakes and the San Jacinto Mountains?

We camped around 202 at a beautiful spot. It took us a lot of faith and speed to get to it, not knowing if we would in fact find a camping spot as the miles from 191-206 were a constant descent with very few flat areas. However, it was worth the faith with a majestic view of the snowy peak of San Jacinto, lovely wildflowers, and a great vast field of stars once horizontal. I heart cowboy camping! Moon bright. Windy but warm.

Moon at Night

Moon at Night

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