Pct May 10th, 2011

Animal Cages (miles 250) – Highway 18 (265.4) Total miles: 15.5

Woke up surrounded by 4 inches of snow at mile 250. Hard to get out of tent with such cold weather. Slept close to the caged animals and the lion roared all night. Made coffee and oatmeal and packed camp fast just to fight the cold. Hiked with Meander Moose and Crazy K and Wandering Dot. Stopped for lunch – tortillas with peanut butter and trail mix. Pretty much just itching to get to Big Bear for a shower and bed. Got to Big Bear at 4 pm. Post Office. Natures Inn had no vacancies so we opted for Motel 6. Ate at a great pizza place, “No Name Pizza.” Stuffed my face. Trying to decide the next 4 days. Fly to Wyoming on May 15 and not sure how to get to LA and when I should leave the trail.

Big Bear Post Office Picture

PCT Class of 2011 as of May 8th, at the Big Bear Post Office (we aren't up there yet)

Dot and I in front of the Motel 6 sign, showing off our kicking legs in our “laundry clothes”:


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