PCT May 13th, 2011

Friday the 13th. miles 296-306. last day for me on the PCT as I need to go to Wyoming for an artist residency. the campsite I slept at that night couldn’t have been better. I cowboy camped on a sandy spot along a roaring river surrounded by pine and oak trees. Encountered two timber rattlesnakes. Bathed in deep creek at deep creek bridge. Regretably took the deep creek detour for 8 miles (wandering dot likened it to the purgatorial road to hell) where I met my friend, Nate, along highway 173, 8 miles north of lake arrowhead. Ate and rested at nate’s in Claremont. sad to leave the trail.

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2 Responses to PCT May 13th, 2011

  1. martha varnot says:

    Hi Annie,

    Congratulations on completing 306 miles plus 8. I assume you are flying to Wyoming today. At home today Dad cooked the turkey he shot this week for Sunday dinner. He marinated the breast meat in maple flavored lemon pepper sauce. It was very tasty. Heidi is watching Jim bug as James’ mother died Friday and Alex has to work. Maddy is playing soccer in the cold rain and Rylee is at Jake Kowal’s 17th birtday party. I’m catching up on stuff , as I’ve spent most of the week working in the garden. Hope to hear about Wyoming. Love, MOM

  2. Mike Orchard says:

    Well Annie… I just saw your post on pdd (paul, pierre, and steve). Mike here… aka halfmilermapsender. I am planning on hiking with Paul starting in mid California, and perhaps with Pierre one week before he needs to get back to work. Not sure where Steve is at this time but I think he is off trail for now. I would love to see your art work on a web page somewhere… and am sure PPS also would. I do nope the neck problem stays ok for the rest of the hike (was it Dot?). Congrads on a good hike.

    In regards to your cancer mentioning on your site… I have a younger sister who had neuroblastoma at age 5, and after years of treatement and chemo survived with relatively little loss of the rest of her life’s health… so my special congradulations to you and your family for surviving your cancer episode… and being able to do your art, study your art, hike the pct so gracefully, and for making the world a better place as I am sure you and your art do. 🙂

    Mike Orchard

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