Trail Name: Dash

Nothing much more to add to this post. I thought Dash was a good, adequate, trail name as my niece, Uli, had decided when reading the “my little pony” book that I was the pony “raindow dash” and since wandering dot is often called “dot” on the trail, and I liked the idea of this very simple symbol, I thought dash went well with dot. I wouldn’t have done the pct if it weren’t for her, so I felt I owed it to respect her through my trail name. I don’t know if Dash, in the end, does this, but it certainly was considered in the naming. And then it was decided by Mark and Holly that I was in fact Dash, after we hiked together a few days. Before Dash, other trail names floated about. Among them were “annie the black,” and “camel.” In my head, I often thought of calling myself “love” because I felt if people referred to me as “love” I would be inevitably giving and receiving love. So that is my secret trail name.

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