Jentel, June 11, 2011

Today started out gray and chilly. The temperature outside in the morning was 60 degrees. I decided I was going to go for a run, aiming for 7 miles.  I ended up running 10, and walked another. I haven’t run this far since the fall, when I was racing; it felt empowering and made me happy. Also, the temperature was perfect and I wanted to take advantage of it knowing I will be returning to NYC heat and it’s subsequent olfactory trash bouquet.

The run was a nice way to see more of the area and say goodbye to a landscape filled with soothing sounds and nurturing sights. I passed deer running with antelope, skunk smells, red winged black birds, sand cranes, fields of purple lupin, sage, the whole while being confronted with the majestic views of the snow capped Big Horn Mountains. At mile 5 I encountered a 5 foot bull snake, killed in the road. Once I got back to Jentel Robin and I drove to the glacier lake where I saw it, photographed it, and brought the dead snake to the residency to show the other artists.

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