Piriformis Syndrome

While biking I got doored by a taxi on Bleeker Street back in 2006. After five months of debilitating pain I had an emergency micro discectomy. After the surgery, my sciatica subsided, but I still have pain in my SI joint, piriformis, and peroneal muscle. As I increase my mileage for my NYC marathon training, my psoas and quads are starting to tighten and my whole right leg feels less stable. This might have to do with my broken left foot too. Anyway, I went to this incredibly interesting and compassionate phsyiatrist today. He probed and prodded me and put electrodes on my butt and leg and gave me these shocks with something attached to the computer and in the end I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome (I already gathered that this was one of my many problems but it’s nice to now get treatment for it). He gave me a steroid injection. I am hoping this will help loosen up my piriformis.

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