Artistic Reason I Plan to Hike the PCT in 2017

My hike of the PCT will begin in April 2017 and end in September 2017. My topographical trail maps, journal entries, correspondence, and 2600 miles on the trail will inspire a series of mixed media paintings. There will be a lot of time to think on the PCT. Without constant modern communication conveniences like cell phone reception and Internet there will be moments of intense loneliness. I seek this solitude yet know from previous thru-­hiking that at times I will crave conversation. I have thus developed a plan to express and transfer what is on my mind onto Halfmile’s  8 1/2 x 11” color printed, topographical maps. When I stop into towns along the hiking route, I will send these trail notes to special people in my life who, in turn, will send me a map of their day. I will also carry my watercolors and camera to visually document my experience in the wilderness. My hope is to process the collected images and stored memories from the hike into mixed media paintings. These paintings will reflect a map of my emotional and physical experiences on the trail. The process of painting the landscape will help me gently re-­acclimate into civilization once back in Brooklyn.

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