PCT days 2-3 miles 17-30 / 30-42

one of my favorite camp spots is mile 30: kitchen creek. I remember stopping at this spot w Wandering Dot in 2011 to skinny dip. was too cold upon sunset to dip into the water, but still a fantastic site. camped w black swan and Sherman. they tried to convince me that the frogs croaking  were swimming baby pigs or birds. yah, right. Sherman told me to use my tent because it was windy upon setting up, but in the mornings it was calm.

was two days w slow miles. Day 2 because I forgot to put my phone in airplane mode and therefore my phone blew up with tons of calls from back home: my assistant trying to finish a sculpture for me and other irritating back home issues. Found myself phone in hand talking for hours trying to put fireS out on the side of the trail. Thus, Sherman bestowed me with my trail name: “Airplane Mode.”

Day 3 to Mount Laguna was fine until my feet swelled so much and my orthodics dug so deeply into my heels that I developed blisters under the calluses. I then had to remove the orthodics and hike without insoles, which was like hiking on hot sand with vibrams. more blisters. thank god for Laguna sports: hot pants and his Epsom salt foot bath, toothless and his shake down and hydrogen peroxide, and trail angel Dennis the menace with his chili dogs and Fritos at the campground. hiked on further…cowboy camped under the Big Dipper. Saw two shooting stars and an extra terrestrial glow before crashing.

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