PCT Miles 59ish-77 (scissors crossing-hitch to Julian)

well, a lot has transpired since yesterday’s post. I camped at mile 59, looking out over the Anza Borrego Desert. Chose the site because I knew that I would have a sunrise and sunset view, it was sunset (i.e. set up camp now!) and I had to go to the bathroom. Been cowboy camping for several reasons, but primarily because I want to see the sky at night and it’s a hell of a lot easier to set up and pack up camp. Sunrise Highway is called this for a reason: sunrise (and sunset, for that matter) is magnificent at this spot, with layers upon layers of subtly hued purple mountains accented with an orange yellow glow. I would have taken a god-zillion pictures, but of course, my phone died beforehand. Got the watercolors out to try and capture some of it. I love painting the landscape because It forces me to really look at it and it brings me so much joy. I haven’t found the right pace for water coloring out here, and I haven’t made any paintings I am truly happy with, but it is still rewarding to me.Slept soundly, despite the ants. Fly buzzing around me as the sun rose higher, around 5:45 am. And the birds started chirping. With coffee in hand, I heard the beautiful silence between the natural sounds, like time was also slow to wake up. Hit the trail magic (Tom with chorizo egg burritos on the highway, and fresh coffee) and filled up with three liters of water. speed ahead 17 miles of treacherous heat and dry desert, a decided allergy to something down here that makes my face swell twice its size in the am and leaves me incapable of breathing through my nose, a possible dead ant discovery up my nose (or really bad black boogers), and a new blister from the new Altras I bought at Mount Laguna Sports after the swelling of my feet by an entire size, and yes, I definitely hitched into Ju​

lian and bought myself a sweet room at the lodge. Shower and bath revealed a nasty heat rash on my lower back. Ran into Sherman! yay! laundry, free pie, and hitch back to sissors crossing tomorrow! stay tuned to my new trick for avoiding negative thinking on the trail: think of all the stupid names your family gave your goats, dogs, cats, and other beloved animals. You’ll surely crack up. I mean, a cat named “Pussy” and a white dog named “Whitey?”

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