Miles 77-84 (NERO in Julian)

Logistics: hiked 77-84ish at night, a few with Black Swan.

Hitched (didn’t even need to throw my thumb out – thanks Jason!) with Black Swan from Julian at 5pm to Scissors Crossing. Hung out under the underpass with Bliss, Ross, Justine, Sherman, and a whole bunch of other hikers, waiting for the temps to drop. Mount Laguna Sports met me there with a size 10.5 altra shoe, and took the 9.5 that I bought from then miles back. Why? More blisters. More foot swelling.

Saw two tarantulas, one weird/gross pink ⅛” snake worm, and two night albino like salamander/lizards.

Finally stopped hiking around 10pm. Steath cowboy camped on an incline with a vast view of the south. Heard an owl. Tried to level out the slope of the ground with my pack. Drained my platypus bladder from the pressure of my body on my sleeping bag because I forgot to shut the bite valve! Fuck!


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