211-226.5 pct

I finally dialed in the head gear for a peaceful, totally out cold, sleep (beyond hiking 23 miles until 11pm): balaclava around the head, covering the eyes and the earplugs.

I didn’t realize how bright it was outside this morning until I tried to peak out of my hat and I was blinded by the brightness. open the eyes…just a peak, then shut. another peak. Then shut. My eyes had to adjust to the light of the desert 6:30 am sun.

Hikers passed. Finally hit the trail at 7:50am.

beautiful San Gorgonio Mountains. So many ridges, they start to vibrate like holograms. Hiked to the river. Dunked in w Bliss and Blue cheering me on. All the Pct hikers and I rested for hours there. I left at 3:45 in my flip flops, anticipating more river crossings. Went to put on my shoes..,so tight!. Look at size tag -Same altras, different size. hiked back  and found Dragon in my shoes, ready to hit the trail.

Hiked w Justine the Queen, Cave Woman, Wildling.

Night night. Tired. Sleeping cowboy style. Delicious dinner thanks to minion. Peepers. River. Darkness. Stars. sleep. tomorrow a 30 mile climb.

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