Big Bear Nero and Zero

Got to make this fast, as I have one hour to shower, pack up, try to drain a very deep blister, and get the heck out of Black Forest Lodge before check out at 11.

Yesterday morning, my big bear zero, ate Breakfast with KAMMIE aka doc at Grizzly’s!!!! Also joining us: Kelly, Bryant, and Derek.

Pancakes bigger than a dinner plate. Yup.

Face so swollen, Kammie didn’t recognize me. Monster. If I weren’t vain, I’d upload the proof.

Blister under blister under callus. Fuck.

Doc looked at it.

Yup. This is what we do while eating: talk about smelly crotches, bad knees, and blisters.

Went over to the hostel to hang out with the  tramily. Laundry…you know the drill.

Ok! Later!

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1 Response to Big Bear Nero and Zero

  1. Don Amundson says:

    Hi Annie–Been following you. Looks like you’re on schedule. Stay healthy and fed! I’ll see you in Aqua Dulce. Don-Still Lookin’

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