Miles 226.1-243.5 pct

Cowboy camped near the stream. left the site around 8am after doing a little watercolor. I hiked solo for a few miles. found Harvest doing a flora meditation – where she attempts to get to a place where she can communicate with the plants.

We hiked for a few miles together, her sharing her plant knowledge with me. I recall yerba santa and mormons’ tea. Got a little off trail where there was a lot of muddy terrain. All day I hiked up and up and up in the exposed desert heat – 5000 feet. Felt very tired from the past days hiking. Took it slow.

I started to panic about bringing too little food.  Passed one poodle dog bush. Smelled like weed.

caught up with Bliss, Isko, Fizzy, Fish, Snoopy, Derek, Randy,  and Kelly at around mile 236? They were still trying to figure out what poodle dog bush looked like. bob rolled in with white sweat marks all over his shirt exclaiming, “can we all agree that this day sucks!?”

They all gave me some food, except for bob, who was also desperately low. Hiked w Bliss and Isko later in the day. Sucky hard climb. Ate dinner in the high elevation cold with Isko, Bliss, Fish, and Snoopy at the Mission Creek campsite.

sun setting may 14 (with Isko and Bliss):

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