Miles 243.5-266 big bear

morning may 15: Freezing temps. Water frozen. Out of fuel. Can’t get out of tent. Forgot to bring water filter into my sleeping bag. 

Omg. so around mile 142 Isko and I got all excited thinking the terrain was going to go down hill for awhile and so we set our goals for 7 more miles but then within 5 minutes we kept crawling upward and Isko said he was done.  Bliss was really wanting to set down camp by then but the ridge wasn’t providing spots. finally found a spot down a little from the trail. I like camping alone, so I descended another 200 ft and found a nice open, level spot with pine duff for a soft under cushion.

Left camp at 9am. Hiked w Kelly and Derek for a bit. passed the movie animals: lion, two tigers, two bears.

Caught up w Bliss and Isko around 156. Got in a debate about Poodle Dog: Why did it appear after the fire? I likened it to humans appearing after the meteor took out the Dinasaurs and Isko debated w me about that – couldn’t believe I believed that. i mean, said Isko, Dinosaurs still exist! I begged that maybe both of us were right! we need to discuss this in a bar, with Cave Women, and her degree in human evolution! Hiked solo, fast, to mile 166. Hitched into Big Bear Lake.

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