big Bear Nero plus 266-279

I bought a whole pound of fudge in Big Bear Lake. I ate 1/2 of it in the hotel and packed out the other half.

Got a really quick and cool hitch from the town to the trail by this man named Reno. He lived in Palm Springs with his wife operating a historic site but it all went under during the recession so they moved to Big Bear and are figuring things out. He looked a little like Elvis and was hosting an Elvis radio show. His Chawawa was just put down. One of the hardest things in his life.

I packed food for 6.5 days, even though I suspect it will take 5.5. This excludes the fudge and the stop along the trail to McDonalds (right off the trail).

the pack was too heavy. bad heavy. Why did I pack so much food!!?

Well, partially because I started eating more last leg, and partially because I want to pay back those people who gave me food in that last leg. You know, your eating lunch near the water with the others and you shout out “you guys want a snickers?” right when you see them staring intently at their near empty food bag, with a mustard package and a knorr sides?

That night I ate 1/4 lb of fudge and thought of my grandma Varnot. She made delicious, mouth watering fudge.

Next morning:

6 am 32degrees


Gratitude list:
My pack will get lighter as I eat

I survived the night in the freezing cold

Mom sending resupplies

Allergy medicine

Healing blisters

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