Vasquez Rocks: Bright Moon, Broken Glass

Near mile 453, I have found myself a unique rock formation – a sand filled boat – – that is perfect for my thermarest and me.

The moon is framed by bigger, jutting rock formations to the north. To the south, I14 and its vehicular noise does not rest.

It’s past hiker midnight.

This evening, hiking through this park, Vasquez Rocks, tadpoles in river streams within rock caves within canyons, made me exclaim “I love the Pct.” It has been the first time I have felt this way in over 450 miles.

The love comes from a layer of factors, but certainly hiking after 5pm and into a sunset is the biggest factor to loving the trail. During this time of the day, my inner child wants to explore, and my artistic inspiration seems to soar.

The Vasquez Rocks are magical with their twists and turns and caves. They are like nature made Gaudi architecture. Why did the US chisel an interstate through them? This place is national park worthy!

I am enamored and baffled by the fact that I can hike and hike, and then stealth camp practically anywhere. That when my feet have had enough, I can just set down my pack, eat some Idaho, blow up my thermarest, and stare at the sky.
Tomorrow: Agua Dulce

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1 Response to Vasquez Rocks: Bright Moon, Broken Glass

  1. David Schlaegel says:

    That looks and sounds fantastic! I really need to get out more…

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