453-Agua Dulce

Good morning, Vasquez Rocks, fire mounting the horizon, traffic on interstate 14, finches and other birds dwelling in their own caves. My sleeping bag dries in the sun at 7am as I slowly peel off my camp clothes while drinking coffee with chia seeds.

The only water I had left before Agua Dulce was mixed with gatorade and chia seeds and although the mixture with coffee seems wrong, it’s waking me up.

In two miles I will have access to real coffee, a shower, allergy medicine, laundry, and civilian food. I am both excited and anxious. Hiker Haven will be a vortex of 70 hikers all buzzing as if on adderall, attempting to do the town stuff needed to be done before hitting the trail again. I always forget to do one of those important things in town, making the following hiking leg frustrating. This time I have prepared a list: allergy medicine, prescription medicine, blog, charge all devices, download books and podcasts, shower, eat, launder, download insurance app, check bills, call people back home, etc. These need to be accomplished before I get caught up in the social aspects of town.

Last sip of coffee and chia. Sun is getting hotter. Onward! I look forward to encountering Don, a hiker I virtually know through backpackerlight.com who lent me his bear canister for the JMT in 2015. He is volunteering at the Saufleys’ Hiker Haven and I plan to run into him there.

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