Miles 608-631


It was a beautiful full moon lit night hiking with Renee through the wind.  Renee, a female companion from Portland, is suffering from an unnamable shin injury and going down hill hurts her a lot. Wind gusting through the metal rods of wire towers nearby sounded like Native American chanting, making the full moon feel extra magical. Descending, I let the wind blow me like a ragdoll, its seemingly circular directional power holding my body afloat. The straps on my bag whipped my torso, ears, and legs. I called out to the noisy air, pleading for it to play nice, but it didn’t hear me.

Before nightfall, during my dinner break, I checked my phone for messages. 

Hunter texted, 

“Hey Airplane Annie! It’s 11am on Thursday and I found a couple bars of service at mile 631. There’s a water cache and trail magic. 145 gallons currently. I hope it lasts for when you get here! Some trail magic too. I hope you’re well and having a good hike. See you in Lake Izzy! I’m going to spend the weekend.”

I got to mile 631 around 9:30pm, elated to find both water and a whole cooler filled with processed food including snack bars, tortillas, nutella, peanut butter and pop tarts. Renée soon met me there as we recalibrate our balance while eating pop tarts and peanut butter in the harsh wind and moon glow. Cold, I scurried under the Joshua trees and slept as best as possible in the wild wind storm.

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1 Response to Wind

  1. Alex says:

    Such beautiful images.

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