Beautiful sunset and sunrise at mile 735, where I am now drinking my coffee. Since Kennedy Meadows I have been included into a hiking family for the Sierras. I am giddy to be in the Sierras, and out of the desert. Two thoughts nag me though: how can I mitigate this nerve pain in the front of my pelvis when I latch my hip belt? For the last week, I have had to carry most of my weight on my shoulders. Also, why aren’t I losing weight?

I would imagine I would be a svelt goddess after 735 miles. I do feel stronger and happier in general, so I’m not too aggravated with the weight issue. Just wish weight would come off a little faster.

Today, hike to Trail Pass, then hitch to Lone Pine. Tomorrow-towards Forester and Whitney.

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1 Response to 717-735

  1. Kim Graves says:

    It’s almost impossible to lose body fat on a high carb diet. You just never transition to ketosis, i.e. burn body fat for fuel.

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