Walker Pass (652)-Lone Pine (745)

This has been by far the most emotional section for me. Hitting the 700 mark, arriving to the cheering and clapping of fellow PCT hikers at Kennedy Meadows Store while I walked in, and transitioning from the desert to the High Sierra have psychically been like graduating from a mid western rural high school to then travel the world on a hand glider.


Bliss Blissing Out at mile 700

….holy shit….Kennedy Meadows!!!


Cowboycamping under a clear, light pollution free, sky

Being told by Indigo and Juniper that everyone likes “Airplane Mode” (my trail name) and that they will wake me up with fire and water, if needed, when in the High Sierra, at 4 am, to hike with me.

Sharing camp w Phyzzy and Whoopie at Kennedy Meadows. Those youngsters are so  endearing. I miss them already.

(Phyzzy in blue cap, Whoopie in green puffy, along with some of my hiking team for the Sierra: Mountain Goat, Picky, and Bliss.)

Jumping into the South Kern River to bathe, and practicing river crossings as a team with Bliss and Counsellor.

Not having to carry more than one liter of water!

Camping alone at mile 735, elevation over 10,000, with 360 degree views of the sunset and sunrise.

Entering the High Sierra!!!!!  

Understanding, finally, how this hike is important and how my story and experience may inspire others to try something extraordinary.

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1 Response to Walker Pass (652)-Lone Pine (745)

  1. Bernadette says:

    Oh Annie! I love reading your updates, and I especially love seeing your photographs and watercolors! all beautiful! XO

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