Crabtree Meadow- Mount Whitney Summit-Wallace Creek



I am so tired. It is 5 am and I am tapping away on my iPhone to write this, in the dark, in my tent, sipping my coffee, next to Wallace Creek. Despite its name, Wallace Creek is a raging roller, and  Bliss and I decided to hike and camp here after climbing Mount Whitney yesterday. We wanted to inspect the river for possible crossing areas before the rest of the gang, who stayed at Crabtree last night, arrive in an hour.

Biss’ alarm just went off and I hear him moaning, that moan of “noooo, nooo, please let me sleep more.”

Yesterday we camped at Crabtree, staging ourselves for the 7.5 mile climb from there up to Whitney. We woke up at 12:45 am so that we could summit for sunrise. It was an exciting climb in the dark with our headlamps: 60 degree slopes with microspikes and ice axes, rock scrambles, sun cups, ice bridges, and glissading made for an epic day in the first leg of our north bound Sierra segment. Today, we have three really dangerous river crossings as we head to Forester Pass. Stay tuned!



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