Onion Valley-Arrowhead Lake (mile 785)

Left Bishop with the trail angel “santa’s helper,” Blis, Happy Feet, Indigo and Juniper. santa’s helper is a really fit, endearing, gentle, auspicious, cool 72 year old. He wanted us to spread the word that he  is looking for a lady partner. wink wink you single older women! You can find him, I think, on Facebook!

The H.E.R.P.E.S. team hiked two miles up from Onion Valley Trail Head, stopping to camp at flower lake.

The next morning, around 5 am, we left flower lake, hitting Kearsarge Pass early, before the snow thawed.

(East side of Kearsarge Pass)

(West side of Kearsarge Pass)

Navigation on the trail was difficult the entire time, jostling between the actual pct route, the snow path created by fellow hikers, and the unbearably deep suncups.

Covered in snow along the ascent, we hit Glen Pass at around noon. 

(Ascending South Side of Glen)

(Looking down on south side of Glen Pass)

There we met Ranger Victor who met up with Ranger Mike. Mike had Victor’s skis and brought them to the top of Glenn Pass for Victor in exchange for a beer. 

(North side of Glen…zoom in to see the people descending)

After a lunch with tutorials on how to use our ice axes while glisading, we hiked and glisaded down Glen Pass until we got to Rae Lakes.

There, Victor removed his shirt to cross the waist deep water crossing. This baffled us a little, as it seemed more logical and practical to remove one’s pants.

We continued onward in damn suncups, crossing the river one lake above Arrowhead, and cowboy camping on a little beloved island at Arrowhead Lake.

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