Wide Creek-1006

​​You can hear it. 7 am. Calling. Taunting: Wiiiiide Creek. We wake, anxious to cross. We dreamt of it last night. It is 75 yards wide, cold as mountain snow, up to my chest, and moving so fast, it seems slow.

My mantra: I am, I am, I am that. I am the ground and the ground supports me. I am the hill and the hill challenges me. I am the mosquito and the mosquito irritates me. I am the rock and the rock stands still. I am the wind and the wind breathes. I am the log and the wood steadies me. I am the water and the water flows with force through me.

The night before, Storyteller, Canonball, and Ice Tea decided they wanted to try and ford the river while my tramily voted to stay the night and cross in the morning.

​​They got about 10 feet out and Storyteller lost her footing. Either the water was too high, or the current too fast, but she went under. Cannonball grabbed the back of her pack, while also grabbing Ice Tea’s extended pole, for support, as Cannonball was also being pulled by Storyteller. They all stood frozen, trembling from the cold, in shock, Storyteller’s glasses completely fogged up. After a few minutes they climbed back out onto our side of the stream and we lit a large fire, ate, and played rose, bud, thorn.

(Ice Tea, Cannonball, and Storyteller trying to cross wide creek at 7pm.)

My rose: the share around the fire

My bud: crossing wide creek

My thorn: feeling tired and sick

My stem: learning to not fight the challenges, but instead try to embrace them as if they were a part of me. Some challenges include: being in a team, hiking uphill, waking up early when I always want to sleep in. We talked about how the ego is the only thing that separates us from everything else, and by releasing the ego one can become connected to everything. This ie related to my mantra: I am, I am, I am that.

In the morning, we did a dry run and designated two I formation teams. Bliss and Isko, the leads, played rock paper scissor to decide who went first: Isko.

Through planning, patience, and teamwork, we all survived to enjoy the majestic Yosemite landscape.


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