Sierra City-Belden

It is told that the iron in our hemoglobin links us back to stardust. When I am on a pass, camping, watching the stars appear, a solitary human looking out at the wonders of the universe, I feel my sense of belonging. When the sun rises and sets, I feel a sixth sense from the glow of light around me. I sense it in the light that dances between shadows. It makes me ask,”what do I want from today?” The answer: to be available to notice and receive magic.

I feel like this is something someone on the west coast would say, and not a New Yorker. This makes it even more special for me, as I must let go of my defenses to allow myself to feel magical. Being in nature for three continuous months, and the endorphins from hiking my ass off, help me be more available to connect with the subtle and sublime gifts around me that bring true happiness.

(Steel and Cora)

(Sunrise at Lookout)
(Foot bath at the Braatens in Belden)

7/26 mile 1205 camp. Hiked w Hunter. Ran into crowds of hikers at Sierra City. Kombucha. Turkey melt. Boathouse. Hiked 4000 ft out of Sierra City. beautiful views.

1205-1231.5 deer w black tail. Loud voices.

1231.5-1257.4 swim in feather lake. Snake in river. Killer hike up to look out-like 1000s of feet in elevation. Now that I hiking solo again, I am connecting with more people on the trail. Last night, at look out, I ate dinner with Bear Can, Pitch, Grandma, Ted, Silver and Dog, and Field Trip. Sunrise and sunset camp spot on Look out. Bear Can visiting in am.

1257.4-1284.4…the Braatens

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