The Etna CA-Ashland OR

I want to get to Oregon!

I want to get to Oregon!

I got to Oregon!!!

My excitement meter toppled over as I neared and hiked into Oregon! Along the way I had the fortune of hiking and camping with James, and spending time with Aladdin and Stabby.
(Seid tribe: Aladdin, James, Masshole, Your Honor, Stabby…)

Memorable words: Coffee. Overslept. Night hiking. Smoke. Ash in wind. Not skipping! Beauty. Russian wilderness. Obscured views from smoke. Headache from smoke. Marble Mountain. Lessons from the man on a bike. Hot in Seid. Huge basket of fries. Weight.

Horrible hill out of Seid:

Listening to “the last season.” Great non fiction story about a Back country ranger who goes missing in sequoia national park.

crossing the boarder at 9pm:

meeting the firefighters’ camp with the most bountiful trail magic, conversations and lessons:

bouncing into Oregon. running into Badger and Jabba going sobo!

Two fawns and a mom.

Ashland: callahans. Meeting up with my Brooklyn friends, Betty and Tim again, after their nobo then sobo then nobo journey:
(camp with cliff over Lakes)(Man Eaten Lake)(smokey sunset)

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