Mazama Village, Crater Lake (mile 1818),  – Shelter Cove, OR (mile 1904)

8/25- 14 miles (Nero)

After resupplying in a small town near an Indian reservation, Sean and I drive to Mazama Village in search of a fuel canister. Low and behold, I run into Grandma Candy!!! Woot woot! Love that girl. Really. Sean drops Grandma Candy, Giggles, Socks, and me off at the alternate Rim Trail, as the PCT is closed here due to – yup – you guessed it – a fire! We hike for 14 miles, getting masked, smokey views of Crater Lake. I LOVE the girl company, and I get to know Norwegian Giggles better. She’s so awesome! We hit the water cache late, and set up camp at 8:20. Tom and Evan join us.​​(Crater Lake)

​​​(Giggles and Grandma Candy’s interpretive pole dancing) 

8/27-27 miles.Last night’s camp situation, with some loud talking, is NOT my style. The rustling of thermarest fabric sounds like a dysfunctional symphony of well intentioned middle schoolers practicing their stringed instruments and I get little sleep in the frigid cold. Tom, who doesn’t know or understand me, comes over the moment I open my eyes, quizzing me on how I slept. I should have a sign that lights up on my forehead, “don’t talk to me,” in the morning, especially before coffee.

I am the last one out of camp, and hike 3 miles an hour. Ah, Oregon hiking! I camp at Maudi Lake. Dinner w Arry Narry, Cal, Badass, Leeloo, Snow, Pencil, Hey Girl. Little frogs jump like crickets near the lake and we joke about eating them. Morning coffee tastes like dirt.

(Maudi Lake)

24.7 miles Maudi Lake-Summit Lake

I could do more miles – am tempted to, but then come across this great campsite with a secluded beach. It is 7pm. I am dirty. The lake is huge and the water is warm for Oregon lakes. I peel of my filthy hiker clothes and walk into the water. It is calm and sublime.(Summit Lake)

8/28 26 miles

Beautiful, quiet morning. Leave camp at 7:30am. Run into Cal and Arry at the top of snowy Diamond Peak area. Arry is sick and Cal is recovering from a cold. I sit for some time, enjoying the views and then hustle on to Shelter Cove to arrive by 4pm (Shelter Cove is a rad resort stop two miles off the trail). There are tons of hikers there. I eat a scrumptious hiker special of burger with fries and order a pizza to go. Note to self – wait for pizza to cool before packing it out! Duh! I bathe in Shelter Cove lake, next to two high school girls repeatedly diving off the dock. It is hard to leave the herd of hikers but I force myself out and night hike to Rosary Lakes. The evening feels creepy, bringing on the nocturnal creatures: glowing eyes floating in the darkness and mysterious headlamps that seem to be stocking me. I call out “hello! HELLO!” No reply. I nearly step on camouflaged toads and start hiking faster to escape the somehow scary headlamp behind me!

(Diamond Peak area)(hikertrash: Cora the dog, Snow, Golden, Leeloo at Shelter Cove) 

8/29 30.1 miles. HELL Yeh  30!

6:30 wake. Coffee. Hike out at 7:30. Check messages on summit. Hike briefly with Ted. Jump into Charton lake, eat doughy pizza. Hard to breath in the smoke filled air and my head hurts from carbon monoxide. night hike. I feel like a true badass. I am a true badass.

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