Fire? Tevs! We Got This: Bridge of the Gods!

PCT on 🔥?


We got this!

What a day. If there was an earthquake while walking over the Bridge of the Gods, it wouldn’t have shocked me, and the way it would have played out is the bridge would collapse just as a helicopter flew by and I would grab the propeller to get past the falling bridge but let go just as a salmon fishing boat flowed below on the Columbia River. The fisher person would row us to Stevenson, WA while I hiked in place on the boat.
What really happened: saw helicopters at 10:30 pm, when I finally quit hiking after 27 miles on Sept 2, at mile 2113. It was smokey. I woke up at 6:30am, and continued hiking, anticipating a 24 mile easy day into Cascade Locks, to the boarder of Washington. When I had a moment of reception, I called to reserve a room in Cascade Locks. The receptionist told me they were at a level 3 evacuation. I met up with Lighthouse and we hiked until we encountered SAR and the National Forest Dept, who escorted us off the trail while evacuating 153 other hikers from the Eagle Creek Trail. There was a shuttle bus for the evacuation but I really needed to hike. I was sick of getting derailed from fires. We continued hiking down the road, refusing to get on the bus, hoping to somehow hike to Cascade Locks and over the Bridge of the Gods without catching on fire and causing trouble. We road hiked for a few miles and then Andy, our National Forest Dept Superman drove up to us and explained the nature of the new Eagle Creek fire – diabolical. So we got in his car while drinking his iced Diet Coke, Gatorade, and seltzer. He told stories of how to detect the culprit of a fire, and how the fires got their names. We asked him if he could drop us off 11 miles outside of Cascade Locks so we could make up the lost PCT miles. He kindly dropped us off on highway 84, between Hood River and Cascade Locks. We hiked on the railroad tracks, between the highway and The Columbia River. The large rocky gravel was brutal on my feet and the traffic noise was unbearable. We hiked 9 miles, and then my friend from Portland who just happened to be traveling from Hood River to Portland met us along the highway. We hiked over the Bridge of the Gods, starting from the evacuated Cascade Locks. Lighthouse stayed in Stevenson, WA, and I road with my friend to Portland, where I now rest until tomorrow where I will start again, on the PCT, but in Washington!

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