Lost in Bend, OR – 8/31/17

(Pct hikers – “the herd,” find their stable in REI, Bend, OR)the old mill section of Bend, OR

In the manicured landscape of Bend, OR, with walking paths marked with rigid white lines and cemented sidewalks, I feel lost.  I am a wild animal that detoured into town.  I  feel a visceral wrongness, a loneliness, an absence of something that makes me feel comfortable.

Have I become undomesticated?

The grass here feels soft and clean, like a down pillow tossed in the dryer with fabric softener.

I am near tears, discombobulated and confused. And then I find a herd of PCT hikers in their stable: REI. I am soothed by their filthy presence in this otherwise groomed and civilized world and I feel a sense of belonging again.

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