Trout Lake-White Pass, WA, PCT miles 2226.4-2292.4 (9/8-9/11/17)

9/8 26 miles. Camp at 2234.4

It is emotionally challenging to be in Washington. My ex lives here and last year at this time we had agreed to my moving here for the relationship after I finished the PCT. I spent a lot of time exploring these mountains with him, and since the trail is nearing the end and I lack companions on this part of the trail, it is inevitable that my mind rests on him. I struggle with these memories, trying to make sense of the rejection. Finally It dawns on me that I can flip this narrative from a victim stance to a warrior stance by accepting responsibility for my part in the story.  By forgiving myself for falling in love with someone who exhibited commitment issues from the beginning and who didn’t give me the love I needed, I can let go and move on. By taking responsibility for choosing to be with a fairly absent partner, I can begin to change my archetypical role from victim to hero. I choose to make better choices in the future. Let’s hope to keep this sunnier narrative going. Forgiving myself feels good.

Speaking of sunshine, I ran into her (Sunshine!), Stake, and E. Wolf, or rather, they ran into me! They are so fast and are averaging 35 miles a day! So many hikers skipped this section, so it was exciting to see their lovely faces. They hitched into Trout Lake but should catch up with me tomorrow. E Wolf is going to bring me a Kombucha!

Tonight, I sleep in my tent on Mount Adams.

9/9 cold night. Slept with all my layers and the emergency blanket. Mist and fog leave the landscape a mysterious otherness. Smell of fall. Occasional birds. Three Starbuck vias.

9/10 26 miles. Hike with Sunshine, the fabulous and “most eligible PCT female,” describes James Baxter. Sunshine and I leap frogged each other in the desert, Sierra, Northern California, Oregon, and now are hanging more in Washington. As we chatted, we turned a corner and low and behold, there was Pony Express, south bounding!

She had started the Pct as a north bounder around the same time as Sunshine and me, but then flipped up to Canada. Pony is filming a documentary and had asked me back in the desert if she could interview me. She had also asked Sunshine. Fortuitously, we all converged at this one point on the PCT, south of Goat Rocks. Since we were all in Washington, nearing the end, it was a perfect time to reminisce and reflect on our reasons for hiking the trail. It was profound to share our stories and connect.

Some observations:

Finally the smoke is clearing and I can see some vistas! Beautiful day. Goat Rocks rocks! Hunters hiding and scaring us decked in camouflaged clothing. I continue to ask for love from the universe and get it. E Wolf sleeps without a tent, in the rain. By the way, did I tell you that E Wolf was a professional soccer player?

9/11 25.5 miles

Wet tent from mist. Pack up and out by 7:30. Lonely thoughts and clear views. Goat Rocks: magestic, welcoming, open, beautiful. Meet Mosey, Luigi, and Sweed Racer at top of Mount Snowy. Knife’s Edge. Rainer.


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