Elk Swimming and Norse Fire Reroute part 1, WA – PCT 9/11 – 9/14/17

9/11 September is filled with crisp air, dying, hats, different light, less light, frost, burnt sienna and yellow ochre. Like winged creatures to a headlamp,  nostalgic memories battle for head space. On the PCT, Washington’s lush and grand landscape serenades me, beckoning me to attach myself to it like its ubiquitous moss.

Sunshine and Mars pick me up in Packwood, and I go along in the car with them to get a permit for the Wonderland Trail and to map out our fire reroute. That night, I stay with Mars and Jim in their amazing house in Eationville, along with Sunshine, E Wolf, and Stake.

9/12 25 miles, through Packwood, and then towards Rainer. After breakfast at Jim and Mars place, we load up into Jim’s truck and he drops us off at White Pass. I road hike w Sunshine, e wolf, stake, and one day. Lots of Traffic and trucks. The noise gets to me. Hot. Sunburn. Exposed. Ran 6 miles. Pizza in packwood w peeps. Two Kombucha and orange juice. While on a bridge, we witness a family of elk swimming in the river.

​​We decide to camp on the side of the road, 10 miles from Rainer Park, before dark, to avoid collisions with cars. Sunshine insists on a cuddle puddle (One Day joins), aka cowboy camping in close proximity.

9/13 34.5 miles (10 road walk, 24 Wonderland Trail)

9/14 26.8 miles. Catch up w One Day and Stake. Sleep on side of road near  Carbonaro.

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