What made you take that trip!?

The short answer is I wanted to experience things I’d never experienced before in a way that would explode my inherent perceptions of how the world and I work.

When I am on the trail, life makes sense. I don’t question my existence, as it feels right to be alive surrounded by other living things, vast and small. It is here that I catch more glimpses of the magic inside and around me.

The longer answer: I am a cancer survivor. I am a turburculosis survivor. I have experienced painful losses in my life, including heart breaks, a miscarriage and divorce. I have had the gift of almost losing my own life, so I know I can die at any age. So, why not do something unimaginable, like a thru-hike, and make it real?

After experiencing these things, it only makes sense to grab my life by the horns and direct it in a meaningful way.

On more subtle levels, I also wanted to challenge my endurance, adaptability, and strength in all its forms.

In the end, awakenings came in surprises, and I was challenged in ways I never expected.

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