Mail Me Things

Below you’ll see my basic resupply plan for the trail. I created this, thanks to the help of two other class of 2017 PCT Brooklynites, Betty and Tim. You can follow their hiking tales at:

The resupply plan marks what towns I’ll stop in, when I’ll be there (give or take a week), and how long I’ll stay. Towns where I plan to spend a zero day are in red. Towns where I plan to mail myself supplies are in green. The dates are all rough estimates based on an average 19 mile day- I’ll be slower than this in the beginning of the desert and in the snowy Sierra, but much faster in Oregon and Washington. I’ll update the dates as I hike, so this list will become more accurate as I progress!

The below addresses are where you should send trail magic. This magic can be in the form of letters, packages of Starbucks Via, bacon jerky, snickers, a can or two of coke zero, hot cocoa packets, cookies (that won’t go stale), handmade love nuggets (that won’t go stale too), “Get Regular” and other herbal teas,  crystal light singles, ORANGE Emergen-c, tumeric capsules, vitimin I, toilet paper with funny notes written on it, the best trail friendly snack you ever ate (in a dozen or two), delicious protein powder (vanilla), bandaides, jolly ranchers, jelly beans, annie mac and cheese, sleeping pills, laxatives, toothpaste, mole skin, vaseline, new injinji socks, pain patches, legal drugs, and seasoning packets (mayo, mustard, hot sauce, olive oil, splenda, red pepper flakes, salt) you pilphered from “You Name It” restaurant.

This MAGIC will make my hike feel less SOLO and more FANTASTIC! 

The “MAIL RESUPPLY” points in GREEN are critical. I am going to take care of these larger packages myself, UNLESS we talk directly via phone or email and you are able to send me trail friendly meals and snacks that total 1.5 lbs per day, with the adequate dose of coffee, beverages, and seasonings, for the number of days needed. That being said, the GREEN boxes are a good place for you to send stuff, as it is guaranteed that I will be stopping there to pick up stuff.

Send via USPS (unless otherwise noted) at least a week or two before the ETA. Please let me know if you’re mailing something too, and to where, so I know to go to the post office to pick it up. The best bet is to send things to the addresses already marked in green! If you do send a package, it’ll help to decorate it in some distinctive way so that my name is loud and clearly visible amongst the other hiker trash boxes.

resupply3I would love to meet up with you, too, along the trail. This is also a good guide as to where and when we can make that happen! Again, these are all estimates, and I’ll update information here as I go, making it more accurate.