The nero in Stehekin was blissful and I certainly could have stayed longer. Bought my ticket back to NYC from Vancouver for the 3rd of October. Had lunch w G Wiz. Shower. Laundry.

9/26 Nero Stehekin 2572.9-2577.9 (5 miles). Hiked with Nemo and talked about our fears in returning back to civilization. Camped with Hey Girl, Nemo, vortex, holiday, and papa Oates. Holiday told me that the night before a mouse tried to nest in his head while sleeping.

9/27 2577.9-2601.9 (24 miles). mixed emotions. Long 23 mile slog up. Camp with tons of other hikers. Mouse trying to get at my food.

9/28 2601.9-2627.4 (25.5 miles) night hike. Tummy over active.

9/29   (2627.4-2647.4) (20 miles). The storm a week past has consolidated a few different trail families.

9/30 2647.4-2653.6  (6.2+8 miles in Canada to Manning Park Resort!)  A huge mass of thru-hikers celebrating together. I write in the monument’s trail journal, “Thank you trail for giving me a sense of belonging again.”

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