anniehikingHovering between abstraction and representation, my art engages with several environmental themes, albeit in a non-­linear, poetic way. These include human interference with nature, spectacular natural phenomena, and my own relationship to the landscape. I am interested in creating a dialogue between contrasts such as synthetic and natural, geometric and organic, and excess and nothingness. The compositions come from a desire to link landscape with human desires for connection. Positive forms interact as if they are stretching, breaking, forming, reaching, piercing, filling, or spilling into voids.

In 2017, I am going to attempt to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. In 2011, after an abrupt and emotionally excruciating separation with my ex-husband, and with merely one month of planning, I jumped on the trail, hiking the first 308 miles with Wandering Dot. In 2013 I hiked the Colorado Trail with Wandering Dot. In 2015 I hiked the John Muir Trail with my now ex-boyfriend. This 2017 PCT thru-hike will be the first time I will venture out on the trail solo. I look forward to your companionship along the way!

As I hike, I will collect images and memories which I will later use to create emotional and physical map landscape paintings of my experience on the trail.

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  1. Julie Malley Connolly says:

    Hi Annie! I just got to the beginning of your blog. I am SOO impressed by you! You’re right up there with Grandma Gatewood who hiked the AT solo in ked sneakers, carried nothing but the clothes on her back and slept in a shower curtain and ate off the land along the way. Pretty amazing what you’re doing!!

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